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Origin Stories

June 29, 2007

Recently I have been listening to Matthew Wayne Selznick’s Podcast Writers Talking. So far, its been pretty good, I like the roundtable style discussion. To the point, though. I was listening to episode one, which is all about how people get their start in writing. It reminded me of the first story that I can remember writing, in first or second grade. The teacher gave us the title S-Mart (I don’t think that she meant it as an Army of Darkness reference), and everyone in the class had to write a story about it. I wrote about aliens who had taken over a department store and were selling pills that would brainwash people.

I still think that the idea is pretty cool, and maybe I’ll write it up again. I also think that its interesting how much of that stuff was already in my head at such an early age. The whole topic also got me to thinking about how being young, I couldn’t wait to learn how to read, and that it would be interesting to have a story that takes place through the eyes of someone who can’t read to show how surrounded by words we are as a society.

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  1. June 29, 2007 10:35 pm

    Thanks for the plug for Writers Talking, Tom! If you get the chance to catch the live recording, be sure to chime in with a question of comment… and good luck with your writing.

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