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Bean – A Free Word Processor for OSX

August 3, 2007

Bean ScreenshotSo, as a writer and a student, I spend a fair amount of quality time with my word processor.  Although I use CopyWrite for doing work on Caldera, its too powerful to do short stories in.  I’m not a big fan of Word, its a resource hog with insane feature bloat, and I used to use Nisus Writer, which is a damn fine program, but still a bit too much for fiction (although for school and business, its the best word processor that I have ever used).  Then I tried Bean, an open source word processor that was designed by a guy who wanted to use it to write fiction.  Its simple and clean, doesn’t hog resources, and does everything I need it to.  The only reason I would say that its not suitable for business or school is that it doesn’t support headers and footers, although according to the site, that has more to do with Apple’s implementation of RTF than anything else (and therefore may change in the future).  Best of all, this awesome program is totally free,.

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