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Site Update Revisited

September 24, 2007

So I recently wrote that I am taking a hiatus.  Things have slowed down a bit, but look as though they will remain fairly busy until January or so, at which time I will have a little less than a month before I take a cruise in South America, and after that things should normalize for a while.  What this means is that I really can’t put the time that I need to into Caldera.  I will finish the first story arc, revise the whole thing and release it as a free e-book (and keep it up on this site, of course), but after that I will let it rest until sometime next year (the more demand I get for it, the sooner I’ll start working on it).  This isn’t to say that I won’t be writing, however, but rather that I will be working on short fiction that I can hopefully sell, as that is something that I really need to do more of (I made my first serious submission a couple of weeks ago, and I have yet to hear back on it, either way, I’m excited).  Also, I intend to update this site a couple of times a week, so there is that.

Of course this is not set in stone.  If people start asking for more Caldera, it will be bumped up, and if people start asking for more short fiction, I will do that as well.  Have a great fall.

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