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Fire Emblem

October 15, 2007

This weekend my wife and I were out shopping, and we stopped in a Game Stop, where we picked up a couple of used Game Cube games for the Wii, and when I was paying for them, the guy behind the counter asked me if I was looking forward to anything on the horizon.

“Mario Galaxy?” he asked.

I told him that I was actually waiting for the new Fire Emblem to come out.  At this, he paused, then reached across the counter to shake my hand, and we had an interesting conversation about turn-based strategy games (the first game I really, really liked was Shining Force on the Genesis, if that tells you anything).

Unfortunately, my wife was standing there the whole time, a look of mounting horror on her face, as she realized just how much of a geek her husband really is.  Fortunately, she hasn’t left me or kicked me out, so it looks like I’m OK for now.  But if you see me on the street, please, treat me like I’m normal.  I don’t want to test anything.

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