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Submission Trickery

January 29, 2008

This morning, I went about formatting one of my short stories for submission.  The instructions called for the document to be in RTF format, and to have headers on all but the first page.  While I like having specific instructions (the less work that the editor has to do in order to review my story, the more time he has to reflect on the obvious brilliance before them).

The problem with the RTF/Headers thing is that headers are, apparently, not natively supported by the RTF format, and so many of the free programs out there are not able to accomplish this.   Bean cannot do headers at all (no problem there, its still my favorite word processor), Abiword seemed to freak out when I tried to remove the header for the first page, and NeoOffice simply told me that it was unable to create an RTF file with headers (but it would most happily do so with the OpenDocument Text format).

In the end, I used Nisus Writer Express to do the job (probably one of the best Word Processors, ever).  MS Word could probably have done the job, but I don’t trust it with anything other than .doc files (no need to send in a possibly mangled manuscript and hope that the editor is in a good mood).

Hope that helps you aspiring writers out there.

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