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An Experiment

March 28, 2008

Last year, I wrote about what I saw as the future of short fiction. In that post, I talked about how there was a need for a better way to find short fiction that is available on the internet (particularly free stuff). My original thought was that there should be a site like

Upon further reflection, however, it occurred to me that written fiction did not suffer from the same problems as it’s audio counterpart. Mainly, its not difficult to distribute written fiction, just about everyone can create a web page, pdf, or failing that, a simple text file. The difficulty that they do share, however, is publicity- it doesn’t matter how good your stuff is if no one knows its out there.

My first attempt at a solution to this is a digg/reddit style site, where people submit short fiction and then are able to vote on it. Right now, the site isn’t very refined or slick, and it doesn’t have a slick domain name yet, but it is up (I’ll be updating it this next week). If it sounds interesting, go check it out:

Right now, I’m setting the site up for just speculative fiction (sci-fi/fantasy/horror/etc.), but I may change that.  Of course, registration is free and I welcome any suggestions.

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