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I guess that I’m just a quitter.

April 18, 2008

So a little over two weeks ago, I wrote that this site was going dark.  As you can see, that isn’t the case.  I’ve still been writing, but I really want to post, as well.  What will be happening, though, is that I plan on posting more fiction and less meta-fiction.  Part of the reason for this is that I’ve come around to the point of view espoused by Warren Ellis, about how media for the web shouldn’t be constrained to the standards set by print.  As a result, I will try posting stuff that is extremely episodic (less than a thousand words, probably more like four to five hundred).  The first of this stuff should be going up shortly.

I still strongly believe that one of the things that will have to happen here is the advent of a better way of . . . advertising isn’t the right word, but its close.  Basically, I will continue to work on my fish project, as well as looking for alternatives.

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