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Behold . . . BioPunk

December 25, 2008

Just read an interesting article about people doing genetics work in their homes.  Imagine tattoos that, instead of injecting ink, inject genes into skin so that it changes texture or color or becomes fluorescent.  Imagine custom bony outcroppings on elbows and knuckles.  Imagine super-ramped metabolism.  The future, if not here, is certainly on its way.  Sometimes I feel that as a science fiction writer, the struggle is to keep up with the pace of progress.


Adam Smith Hates the RIAA

December 19, 2008

Apparently, the RIAA is changing its strategy. Instead of filing lawsuits, it will be trying to get ISPs to cut off people who are making illegal music available online. In short, they are attempting to control demand by controlling supply. These people are lousy capitalists.  Has it worked for the “war on drugs”?  No.  Will it work for music?  No.  At least they aren’t suing dead people anymore, I guess, but still . . .

New site up and running

December 12, 2008

I’ve reregistered, and it is up (although seriously incomplete). I like how it looks so far, and eventually will move the bulk of my internet presence there (I plan on keeping this blog, though, so no need to fret). Anyway, go and check it out.

A New Dawn

November 22, 2008

cover_smallAfter a not-so-brief hiatus, I have returned to writing.  Currently, I have several projects in the works, a couple of which are still in the rough draft stage, and one of which I plan on submitting for publication after I get some feedback.  I also plan on revamping this page, so look for changes here, as well.  Finally, as an expiriment, I have placed one of my previously unreleased short stories, Succession, for sale on the Amazon Kindle.  So we will see how that goes.

Coffee Shop

May 19, 2008

Just posted a new segment over at Uprising, Coffee Shop.  Sorry that it has taken me so long to write, but the first few attempts were . . . boring.  One of the things that I’m trying to do with this story is to simply cut out the parts that people can easily figure out on their own.  If a character needs to get from point A to point B, and one scene ends with him leaving point A and the next starts up with him at point B, then why write about the middle part?  The trouble, then, is getting something interesting into every scene, even when the scene could be extremely short.

In other news, I introduce an eye color body modification, which I call iris doping, basically injecting a colored polymer or something into the iris.  It would be really cool looking, but also be quite difficult to reverse.  If it worked well enough, I’d probably do it.

Now I Need to Read His Books

May 18, 2008

CNN has an interesting interview with Iain M. Banks, author of the Culture series of books.  I have personally wondered about a post-scarcity world for some time (I am a socialist, after all), and someone who associates himself with Ken MacLeod sounds like a good place to start.  In any case, go read it, its short and good, I will get back to writing.


May 15, 2008

I was just browsing the scifi reddit, and I came across a comment thread titled Does it REALLY bug anyone else when they go to a library or book store and the sci-fi and fantasy sections are combined? I thought “this might be interesting” and so checked it out.  Damn.  The comments consist almost entirely of how much fantasy sucks, and how the only genre worth reading is scifi  I don’t recall ever seeing the fantasy crowd attacking the scifi crowd like this.

My theory is that the scifi crowd was simply trying to gain some legitimacy at the expense of fantasy, and unfortunately this sort of thing just reaffirms it.  Depressing.