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Science Fiction

Drones: There were rumors about companies that paid a lot, whose Drones were nearly indistinguishable from people, companies that ran everything from the brothels to the casinos to organized crime, at least insofar as those endeavors were still distinguishable from one another. Nothing so elaborate for the clerks at Six-to-Midnight, though, just your basic retail software package.

Succession: Twenty years after the Supers started showing up, the world is a mess. Progress has stagnated and the global powers are locked in a struggle over dwindling resources. When Ashley Zeno joined the Department of Super Persons, she hoped that she could make a difference. Unfortunately, she has found it to be nothing more than a pointless bureaucracy. Now, she is in a position to make choices that will determine not only her own future, but perhaps that of the entire world.

Horizon: When Ava, Remi, and Vance discover an abandoned space station, it changes their lives forever.

Symbiotes: My second story set in the Horizon universe, Symbiotes is a piece of flash fiction about what it means to rely on someone else.

Uprising: A single scene set in the future about an anti-war protest gone wrong. When I wrote this, I had hoped to build it into a larger story, but so far have not been able to. Maybe one day.


Betrayal at Waylan: A story of Betrayal and power set several hundred years before the beginning of Caldera. Published in the July ’09 issue of Bards and Sages. Buy it at Amazon or CreateSpace.

Valentine: An update on the classic Cupid story. Published 2/14/09 at Flash Scribe.


Bob: Employee of the Future: A piece of flash fiction about the effect of zombie labor in the workplace that I wrote for a contest for Escape Pod a couple of years ago.